Papermasher: Does It Work?

Published On: Jul 31 2013 05:36:44 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 31 2013 07:53:33 PM CDT
Papermasher: Does It Work?

Piles of dated real estate documents were taking up much needed real estate in Linda Haskins' home.

“I wanted my garage back,” Linda said.

It was time to get rid of her late husband's paperwork.

"I had taken some into Wichita to be shredded.  Lot and lots,” Linda said.

But she still had boxes of documents left and her shredder wasn't going to cut it.  Surfing online for a solution, she found the Papermasher.  Instead of shredding your important documents, you put them in a bag and wash them.

"I thought, at least it’s worth a try and then I contacted you,” Linda said.

We bought two online for a total of $25.98.

We read the instructions and filled up both bags.  Then we zipped them shut.  Linda added a little detergent and put the bags through on a normal cycle.  About 30 minutes later ...

"Oh!  Look at that,” Linda said.

Most of the papers are a mushy mess.  However, some of the papers were not as mashed as others.  But Linda said that didn’t bother her.

"I believe it would be virtually impossible to reconstruct a document from what's inside that bag,” Linda said.

Does it work?

"Yes. I’m amazed at how effectively it has pulverized this paper,” Linda said.

The Papermasher says don't put folders, books, waterproof envelopes or cardboard in the bags.  We also removed staples because we didn't want those left behind in Linda's washer.

Papermasher: Does It Work?