Pancake Puffs

Published On: Jul 30 2008 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It looks like a hard boiled egg pan, but could be the newest thing in pancakes. 

Jan and Phil from 104.5 The Fox helped us test "Pancake Puffs", a pan that is supposed to make pancakes shaped something like donut holes.

The directions call for regular batter, which you pour into the wells of the cast iron.  Jan and Phil had no problem with this, but found it took at least 10 minutes to make a batch.  That's the first big drawback.

As for taste, Jan thought they were chewy.  But the directions say you can stuff them for appetizers or desserts.   We reached for the whipped cream---and that was the saving grace.

Both Jan and Phil gave it higher marks as a sweet treat every once in awhile , instead of quick breakfast.   And despite the bad reviews on cooking time, the two of them agree it does what it claims. 

Does It Work?  Yes.