Ostrich Pillow: Does It Work?

Published On: May 08 2013 04:49:05 AM CDT   Updated On: May 08 2013 10:29:18 PM CDT
Ostrich Pillow: Does It Work?
(WICHITA, Kan.) -

It's a pillow that promises to help you get some zzz's in some of the most uncomfortable places.

The Ostrich Pillow claims to be the perfect companion to nap pretty much anywhere. You can disconnect and dream at work, school and while traveling for $99.
Amy Llamas, self-described avid napper, put the pillow to the test at Via Christi Hospital's sleep lab. She slipped on the bean-bag-like pillow over her head. She said it was easy to put on.

She then took a 15 minute nap, the maker's recommended time for a siesta. She used the space in the pillow to rest her hands.

"It's comfortable," she said. "It's not bad."

She said the pillow even muffled distractions. But she could not go to sleep.

"Give me like five more minutes, I probably would have gone to sleep," she said.

She then tried to sleep sitting in a chair, leaning against a wall. Again, she never fell asleep, but she said she felt relaxed.

"Yes, it worked," she said. Even though it looked silly.
Ostrich Pillow Does it work