Omni Dual Saw

Published On: Nov 25 2009 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -


The bigger the boys the more expensive their toys.  And this week's Does It Work product costs more than $200 (including shipping) to get in your hands.

But you're paying for power.

The Omni Dual Saw has two  blades that turn in the opposite directions, which is supposed to be able to cut through more metal and wood faster than you ever have before.

David Roberts wanted to see for himself---but asked us to buy it first! 

First challenges:  sheet metal 2/32nd of an inch thick and a piece of expanded metal.  The Dual Saw tore through both faster than David has been able to cut through them before.

Next up:  solid oak more than an inch thick.  This was more than the saw could handle.  It bogged down just a few inches into the piece.

But when we let it loose on a 3/4 inch piece of cedar, it chewed right through it without any problem.

The biggest hurdle of the day, though, was yet to come.  Angle-iron that's 1/4 of an inch thick.  David says his normal blade would bust before getting very far into it.

However, 25 seconds later the saw has cut through it! 

David can't believe it.  "That's amazing!"

And the saw isn't even hot. 

It has enough blade left to cut through a galvanized steel pipe in 15 seconds flat.

David and his friends say, despite the price, the saw does more work than a "regular" one could have done---even if they'd had to replace the blades multiple times on that regular saw.

Does It Work?

"I want it!   I want it!" laughs David.  "I hope someone out there will hear me and love me and give this to me for Christmas!  I want it!"

You can't buy the saw in stores.  You have to order it through  .