Mighty Putty

Published On: Feb 06 2008 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

It's the most votes for a product we've ever gotten.   But does Mighty Putty really stick to the truth?

Jan and Phil from 104.5 The Fox help us find out.

Mighty Putty is a tube of putty, which claims amazing power to hold---once you knead it and activate the epoxy.

First challenge:  forming a mug handle out of the putty, and letting it cure.  The directions say that could take 24 hours.

Next the pair fashion a link out of it, and connect two chains.  After it cures, we'll try lifting a 42- pound cinder block---which has a hook "Mighty Puttied" to the top.

We also try to hand some shelf brackets.   But the biggest test is yet to come.

Mighty Putty commercials claim it can pull an 80 thousand pound semi tractor trailer.   So we use the same number of sticks as the ad does and use them to attach two industrial strength brackets.  We don't know how the commercial cured the sticks they used, but we applied four vices to squeeze the epoxy---and let it set 24 hours.

The next day:  the handle held on the cup.  That's even with water added poured inside.

The chain link lifted the block---for awhile.  But even after the link broke, the hook stayed fastened to the cinder block.

No luck on the shelf  brackets.  They fell off the plywood when we held it up.

But can it really pull a semi?

When we put it in between two semis---the back one fully-loaded and weighing more than 45,000 held!   In fact, the trucks were on a dirt road, and the front truck pulled the back truck for a number of yards!

Does It Work?

Jan and Phil say "Yes!"

We ordered our Mighty Putty from Harriet Carter Catalog, but there are a number of places to buy it both on the web and in stores.