Man Girdle

Published On: Feb 16 2010 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

For years, women have worn girdles or anything else to make them look slimmer.

Well, now it's the guys' turn!

Equmen has come up with a "Core Precision Undershirt."  Translation:  Girdle for Men!  It promises to streamline the male physique for $89, plus shipping.

We have three very brave men who are willing to see whether the shirt can really change the way they look. 

Our first tester Paul looks at his torso and laughs, "I'm thinking this just doesn't go away.  So we're going to see where it puts it!"

When Paul squeezes it on, the tape measurer shows a difference---albeit a little one.  Paul is one inch slimmer in his waist and across his belly.  But is it worth the $89?

He says he'd rather spend the money on beer and be more comfortable in his regular clothes.

Brent, our second tester, has to wrestle to get in the shirt as well.  Once it's on, he loses an inch in his tummy, but nothing in his waist.

Our final tester, Norris, has the least success of any of the guys.  Even though he doesn't mind the how tight the shirt is, his before and after are exactly the same. 

Does It Work?

Bottom line:  the shirt did slim down two of our three testers---at least a little. 

We ordered our shirts through Equmen's Website.