Kristie Alley To Sign Copies Of "The Art of Men" at Watermark Books Next Week

Published On: Dec 07 2012 11:55:10 AM CST   Updated On: Jul 27 2013 09:18:14 AM CDT

Often if you are Christmas shopping—specifically, Christmas shopping local—at the last-minute in Wichita, you might very well run into actress Kirstie Alley doing the same.   She may not be your cousin, and you may not have gone to high school with her, but during the last days of Christmas season when everything is a blur, you may when seeing her still have a vague sense of: Okay, everybody’s back for the holidays now!  Remember this possibility, and that others you know, too, will be visiting, so you don’t let yourself get caught being crabby around town during the rush.

(If you haven’t run into her, someone you know probably has.  My mother did a few years ago.  Alley may be interested to know that the rose-covered throw pillow I received for Christmas, the one Mom claims Alley had admired while they waited in line at a cash register, was indeed lovely but a little too delicate and did not hold up well at all over the next year, at least while living with a St. Bernard.)

This year, you won’t have to leave actress-sighting in Wichita up to chance.  Alley will be at Watermark Books on Wednesday, December 19, at 6 PM to sign copies of her recent book, The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente).   She’ll personalize copies, but won’t be available for photos--no cameras, please.  It’s her second book, a collection of short essays about men she’s loved and men she loves. 

 It’s hard to imagine that anyone would call a book by Alley a tell-all, as if she is someone who has primly held her tongue for a lifetime and has now decided to risk her reputation by blabbing the sins of others.    She does promise to tell about her relationships with men—from men in her family in Wichita to those she worked with on sets in Los Angeles. 

Alley’s Twitter followers (like myself) know that the woman has been busy this year.  (Of course, it may be that this is her normal pace, and Twitter has only made it possible for this pace to now be a matter of public record.)  She finished her book.  She promoted her book.  She promoted her diet supplement Organic Liaison.  She danced a lot—even when she wasn’t dancing on television’s Dancing With the Stars.  She’s over the moon this week about filming a sitcom pilot for TVLand with Rhea Perlman (Carla from Cheers), and Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld).   When victims of Sandy weren’t getting help fast enough for her liking, she put out a call for blankets, other supplies and transportation to move things into the area.  One week she turned her Twitter account into an impromptu employment service. 

It would not seem to be a good bet to predict what she’ll do next.  But I would bet she will be throwing herself into the endeavor in a seriously big way, whatever it is.