Key Finder

Published On: Jan 27 2010 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

They can literally be the keys to your world---if you can find them!

The Brookstone Key Finder says it will keep your from losing them, or at least help you find them when you do.  The pricetag:  about $50.

The device has three parts:  a base and two fobs (which you connect to your key ring).  Push the button on the base and the fob should beep anywhere within 60 feet.  That should lead you to your keys.  One convenience:  the base is magnetic and will stick to your refrigerator if you want.

Stewart and Nina say they lose their keys all the time (they blame their kids!) and volunteer to help us.  We put Nina's fob near a toy box in a bedroom---well within the 60 feet limit---and go back to the base.

But when she pushes it we hear nothing.  Only when she carries the base and gets between 20 and 30 feet away does the fob start beeping.  She finds the fob, but says the Key Finder doesn't live up to it's "range claim."

Stewart hides his fob in the couch, which is the strangest place he's ever found his keys.  The fob beeps right away, but Stewart says even though he knows where it is, the beep sounds like it could be coming from three different places in the room.   But the device worked like it was supposed to.

Next up:  hide and seek.  Nina hides Stewart's keys and then tells him to go find them.  Within just a matter of minutes, the beeping leads him to the lower part of the house where the keys are under laundry on the couch.  Without the beeping, Stewart says it could have taken him more than 20 minutes to search the house. 

Does It Work?  They both say yes---if you carry the base with you.  Otherwise you'll be running back and forth from one room to the next trying to listen to where the beeping is.

However the two of them laugh that it may create another problem if you have kids. 

"Gee, Mommy!  This is cool!  Now your keys beep!"

You can buy the Key Finder through Brookstone: