Jupiter Jack

Published On: Sep 23 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It doesn't take long at all to spot drivers trying to handle the steering wheel and the cell phone in their cars.  What if you could tune in all those phone calls through your vehicle's radio?

That's the selling point behind the $20 Jupiter Jack and it's three "simple steps":  connect the gadget to your cell phone, tune in to the right frequency on your car radio and listen to the calls through the speakers.

First problem:  the Jupiter Jack won't fit into our tester's, Cynthia's, cell phone.  No worries, the kit comes with three adapters to fit different models of phones.  One fits into her cell's plug. 

But when we put it in, it seems to take over her phone!  She can't get it off her call-list screen. However, she says if it works she can live with that. 

I call her phone.  It rings, but she can't hear me. 

We try again.  Same results.

We notice that the Jupiter Jack fits directly in my phone,--no adapter needed--- so we plug it in.   It works on the first try.  And the sound quality through the radio is very good.

Why won't the adapter work on her phone?

We contact  the company which says it now sends out six  adapters with every order.  That, they say, covers 93% to 95% of all cell phones.

The company overnights a new kit with the bevy of adapters--and another Jupiter Jack.  Sure enough, one of the adapters fits her phone.

But when we try to call, it's the same problem.  It rings, but she can't hear the caller.  We never do get it to work.

Just to be sure, we try again---this time on an Apple I-phone.  We use the adapter that says we should use. But despite multiple tries, we can't get the gadget to work .

When we put the new Jupiter Jack into a different phone directly---no adapter required--it works just fine.

Does It Work?

Cynthia says if the Jupiter Jack fits into phone without an adapter, it works great.  And she loves the quality of the sound.  But she says you'll be gambling if you have to use an adapter.

We called the Juipter Jack company twice and left messages trying to get their reaction to our final results.  They didn't return our calls.