Published On: May 20 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

Hairstylists can do all kind of things to all kinds of hair.  But this week's Does It Work product promises one big thing:  to straighten your hair, faster than ever. 

The InStyler is a motorized, rotating straightener.  But the price is steep:  $140 for two of them.  And you can't order just one.

We get three testers, with three different kinds of hair:  Amber, Wella and Kalen. 

Tod, with Planet Hair, starts straightening Amber's first.  It doesn't get as close to the scalp as se's used to and he laughs that its giving his arm a workout.  But he likes it!

Amber tries using it on her own hair.  However, she  doesn't think it's any faster.

Next up:  Wella.  She desperately wants something to work faster on her hair, because her bangs alone take her 10 minutes to straighten.   But she doesn't get the news she likes.  she thinks it's taking just as long  as her iron at home.

Kalen's hair isn't as curly, but she still uses a straightening iron every day.  Once she tries the InStyler, she's impressed.  It works much faster on her 'do.

Does It Work?

Overall, Tod and Kalen like it.  He says it does a great job of not only straightening, but also working like a curling iron. 

Amber and Wella, who have the curliest hair, don't think it's any faster.  It did straighten their hair, though not as straight as Amber is used to.

The decision parts right down the middle with this crowd...