Ice Cream Revolution

Published On: Jul 11 2007 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It's not what you might think at first.

"Looks like a hamster ball or guinea pig ball," said one of the Girl Scouts we enlisted to test the Ice Cream Revolution.

You fill the ball with ice cream ingredients...then play with it for a little while. 

It all started 30 minutes earlier with a kid friendly recipe, sugar mixed into cream with a little vanilla for flavor.  All of that goes into the small inner cylinder of the ball.  Ice and rock salt go on the outside of the cylinder.

Instead of a crank or electric motor, the instructions call for 30 minutes of rolling and shaking the ball to freeze the mixture.

Our Girl Scouts said, they didn't get tired or bored playing with the ball.

About half-way through, you have to scrape the sides of the cylinder, drain the water that's melted and add more ice and salt...then, it's back to rolling and waiting.

After a half-hour, it's time to dish up the ice cream.  But, keep in mind, the small ball makes just a pint of ice cream, while the larger ball makes a quart..

One of our testers told us, "For the amount of time we put into this, it's less than what I was thinking."

But there's no denying that in 30 minutes we went from cream to ice cream.

So, Does it Work? The answer is "Yes".

Though, one scout was pretty honest about her feelings toward the device, "Getting a gallon of ice cream at the store would be a lot cheaper and a lot less work than we just did."