Ice Cream Magic: Does it Work?

Published On: May 29 2013 04:34:45 AM CDT   Updated On: May 30 2013 12:33:29 PM CDT
Ice Cream Magic: Does it Work?
(WICHITA, Kan.) -

Ice cream is its own food group in the Dozier household.

"Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, we always have some kind of ice cream," Wendi Dozier said.

That's why Dallas and Jenna, along with their mom, Wendi, wanted to test the claims from the Ice Cream Magic commercial. It cost $27 online, which included shipping and handling.

Jenna stirred the vanilla and chocolate recipes. Wendi added the mixtures to the freezing bowl, which sits on top of the ice, salt, and water mixture inside the ice chamber. Ice Cream Magic says it takes just three minutes of shaking to make the tasty treat.

After three minutes, the kids took the lid off. They said the ice cream was frozen at the bottom, but not all over. The goal is creamy soft serve. So, they shook for another 90 seconds. But they were not satisfied with the results.

"In the commercial it comes out in a scoop already," Wendi said.

Wendi gave it one more try, mixing together the ingredients again. But this time, she used half the amount of salt and water, since the ice melted so quickly last time. But no matter the technique, the ingredients never came together to make a solid scoop.

Does it work?

"No," Wendi said.

We reached-out to the makers of Ice Cream Magic about our results.  A customer service representative sent an email. In part, it reads "I do sincerely apologize for the trouble this has caused. I will make sure to forward this to corporate so they are able to further assist you with this issue."  But, we haven't heard anything since.

Ice Cream Magic Does It Work