Hot Sox

Published On: Mar 09 2011 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Linda Slack and her friends are willing to bare their feet, in hopes we can warm them up.

This week’s Does It Work product: Hot Sox.

They’re linseed-filled-slippers you can microwave. The ad said simply said heat them up and put them on. But when Linda reads the directions and warnings, she’s not happy.

“The Hot Sox are not designed to be walked in. That might be a problem.”

But it’s not the only one. “Do not place in the washing machine or dryer. Spot clean only!” That’s a little disturbing to Linda Sterrett. “I would not put them in the microwave after they got smelly. It’s just a bad thought! I don’t know how to describe it, but no! We don’t want to do that!”

However, the gals do put in a clean pair for the first trial. And they get warm. But that’s as good as it gets.

“Oh, they are heavy!” says Linda Sterrett. “I couldn’t walk with these. I’d be on my nose. And the idea of a slipper you can’t walk in? That’s not a slipper to me!”

And then there’s still that nagging issue of using the microwave for food after you’ve heated up those sweaty slippers.

“It would still bother me,” says Carol Wells, pulling a cup of coffee from the microwave. “I couldn’t drink this coffee. No way.” She pours it down the sink. And then she slips on the Hot Sox.

“They don’t feel level. They feel like your feet are higher in the front.”

Since it’s three thumbs down, because of the washing, the walking and the weight, we contacted the company.

We called and e-mailed the head of Harriet Carter Gifts, who sold us the slippers. We never got a response.

For our testers, it’s back to warming up their feet the old fashioned way: husband-power. Linda Sterrett laughs, “Just so he doesn’t put his cold feet on me, we’re fine!”