Hollywood Purse Hooks

Published On: Jun 10 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

You worry about germs on your countertops and tables.  But what about the floor?  That's where you set your purse, especially at restaurants!

One company claims a single wire will change that.  The $10 Hollywood Purse Hooks are designed to  keep your bag up off the ground.  For that price you get two hooks---one gold, one silver----that attach to the edge of a table.

Dawn, Cherri and Karley come loaded with purses to a local Applebee's to find out.  When Dawn hangs the first hook off the table, though, they're not impressed.  It's very wobbly.  Despite that, she hangs her purse on it---and changes her mind.

The weight of the purse anchors the hook more securely to the table.  Cherri takes the idea and goes one better.  She grabs a second hook and hangs an even bigger purse on that.  It's more secure than the first. 

And then she pushes the envelope even more:  she hangs three big purses on the same hook.   And they all hold without any problem.

Proof that bigger is better:  Karley's small clubbing purse doesn't add much weight to her hook.  It holds, but barely.

Does It Work?  All three woman say yes.

And with that in mind,  Cherri has a suggestion for restaurants.  She says they give kids crayons while they wait, so they should give ladies Purse Hooks.