Hole In One or Three?

Published On: Jun 10 2013 09:28:08 AM CDT   Updated On: Jun 10 2013 11:28:22 AM CDT
Hole In One or Three?
(WICHITA, Kan.) -

Let me start by saying I cannot golf. I can mini golf, even hit a few balls at the driving range but the much desired hole-in-one eludes me. Despite those facts I agreed to a putting competition with my co-anchors Mark Larson and Brian Heap.

It all went down Saturday night at the 'Splurge' party to kick off the Air Capital Classic. It benefits the Randy and Suzy Storms Young Life foundation.

The irony that I put on the same course as the elite golfers who will descend on Wichita makes me chuckle. Just take a look at my putting stance; I'm sure Phil Mickelson would shake his head.

Hundreds of people attended Saturday's party; three people were drawn to put with us, lucky them! I'm being sarcastic of course. Despite the fact none of us are pros these three men were good sports. We all put three times from a different distance. The further away, the greater the number of points.

My outfit wasn't exactly golf attire but I was really anxious to wear my new red shoes. I got a little grief for my wedges so I decided to go barefoot halfway through the competition and that seemed to help. Still, Mark and his teammate were the only ones to sink a put, kudos to them! We all had a fabulous time and I know Mark got a kick out of showing off his skills. 

I appreciated all the people who clapped for us, it helped ease the embarrassment of being a less than stellar golfer. I blame nerves.

We all felt honored to be part of an event that gave back to such a worthy cause. The event boasted a helicopter ball drop into the 18th hole, all you can eat BBQ and enough dessert to give anyone a tummy ache.

I plan to visit the mini golf course a few extra times this fall just in case they have us all back next year.