HD Sunglasses

Published On: Apr 14 2010 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It's spring --and you may already be longing for summer.  That means a new pair of sunglasses for the season.  But will they be "HD?"

HD Vision Wrap-Arounds are supposed to make your vision "high definition" when you put them on.  You can wear them over your prescription glasses or by themselves.  We bought ours for $10, but some places are now selling them for half that much.

Jan and Phil from 104.5 The Fox radio stepped out of the studio to try them out for us.  But, at first glance, Phil says he can't see much difference.   Jan, however, says she can see some colors--mostly reds---are more intense.

Phil wonders if that's worth the way she looks in them.  That's when Jan get a glimpse of her reflection.  The glasses are big.  Much bigger than she's used to. 

But aside from style, is there any difference between these and regular sunglasses?

Phil admits the reds do take on what he calls an "HD" effect.  They really pop!  Certain cars look more vibrant, and the mulch around some plants looks different.  But that comes at the expense of muting other colors.

So... Does It Work?

They both say "yes" some extent.  But it doesn't give a high definition look to every object.  But for $10, Jan and Phil think you might get your money's worth.

We bought our glasses at Bed Bath and Beyond.