GripGo: Does it Work?

Published On: Feb 06 2013 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Delivery drivers need to be in-touch at all times. Randy Boling, Metro Courier driver, said a reliable phone is a job requirement. "Usually, I've got it on my hip," Randy said. Not if he uses the GripGo! The commercial says it's "the most versatile hands-free mount that will instantly grip any phone for safe driving." We bought two for $10.99 each. Randy mounted the GripGo on his windshield. It used a suction cup to attach to the windshield or dash.  The GripGo fell off the windshield. But we found heating-up the windshield helped it stay in place. Next, Randy stuck his phone to the GripGo pad.  "I think it's going to stay," Randy said.  The phone stayed on the GripGo pad. The product claims to keep its grip even after getting dirty. But it didn't stick as well after our test, however it stayed on the gel pad during a test drive.  

Does it work? 

"Yeah.  I think it works," Randy said.   Our Does it Work crew tested two other claims from the GripGo's commercial.  The makers say the device is strong enough "to grab and hold this expensive smart phone out of the window" while you're driving.  We try the same test.  While our phone stayed attached to the GripGo's gel pad, the gel pad part detached from the I-beam arm. We also tested the claim that the GripGo is strong enough to hold a bowling ball.  We tested it on a seven and a 15-pound bowling ball.  The GripGo held both of the bowling balls.  However, after a few seconds of holding the 15-pound bowling ball, it detached again from the I-beam arm. The company did not return our phone call regarding this problem. GripGo: Does it Work?