Grass Stain

Published On: Mar 04 2009 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

It's still not spring and your grass is brown. Can you change either one of those things?

We can't mess with the seasons, but we can try to make your lawn green, no matter what time of year it is.

"Grass Stain" claims to change the color of your lawn with a green spray paint. A Wichita man owns the local franchise, which we just had to try out---on Jason Brabander's lawn.

Jason wanted to be a DIW tester, but was thinking we give him some cute little gadget.  Instead, we ask if we could spray paint his grass!

Frank Mitchell loads up his sprayer with a green liquid. Inch-by-inch, he turns the brown, dormant grass a natural-looking green.  Jason worries it will be neon or an overly dark shade.  But when Frank finishes, Jason admits he is pleased. 

The lawn doesn't look like a football field, but instead like a lawn that's green up in spring.

The cost of Frank's service varies by the size of your lawn. Usually, it's between $100 and $250. Even after a few weeks and some rain, Jason says the grass is still green and it didn't rub off on his feet when he walks on it. 

Why would you want your lawn spray painted.  Frank says it might sell a house faster by increasing the curb appeal.  And Jason wonders if it might cut back on the amount of watering he might have to do in the summer. 

Does It Work? Jason says yes. 

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