Published On: May 13 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

You used to have to reach for a hammer and screwdriver to get the job done:  remove those old screws that have stripped-out heads and are stuck deep in the wood.  And the outcome was never pretty!

But "Grabit" says it'll make that job easy.  It's a set of drill bits to drill a new head on that screw or bolt so you can pull it out.

Handyman Mac Maclanahan set up shop in his office to help us out.  His first challenge is an old screw in a rusty hinge fastened to a piece of wood.

At first, it doesn't look like it's working.  But then Mac discovers the problem. The instructions say to put the drill on reverse to drill *in* to the wood.  That's opposite of what you'd think and it's not in bold print in the instructions to catch your attention.

Once Mac changes direction, the Grabit goes right in.  He turns the Grabit drill bit around in his drill to use the other end to pull it out---and it does!

Mac repeats the process on a screw driven well below the wood level and even on a hardened bolt head.  He has big doubts about the bolt.

Although it takes longer to drill into, the Grabit pulls out the bolt. 

Mac's impressed!  Does It Work?

Mac says, "Yes!"