Gillette Fusion Razor

Published On: Nov 30 2006 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Remember when a twin-blade razor used to be cutting edge?  Now you can buy razors with more than twice that number of blades.  But is more really better? 

Our product of the week: the $8 Gillette Fusion Razor with--count'em---five blades ready to go to work on your stubble.   We get T-95's Hank the Mechanic and Phil Thompson from 104.5 The Fox to put their faces on the line.  

Jessica at Craig Allen's Men's Fine Grooming lathers up Phil's face first.   However, she will shave only one side of Phil's face with the Fusion.   The other side is shaved with the Gillette Twin-Blade.  Phil, though, doesn't know which is which.

"I can feel more stubble on this side, " Phil says afterward, pointing to the right side of his face. "I think this was the cheap razor."

He's right.

"Yes, I'm a man who knows his face!"

When it's Hank's turn in the chair, he gets a Schick Twin Blade first, and after that, Jessica goes for the Fusion.   And Hank can tell the difference, too.

"The cheaper razor pulled.  I could feel it pulling.  This one is a lot smoother."  Plus he thinks more has to be better.  "Five blades are definitely better than two.  Now if they'd only come up with ten.  One swipe and I'd be done." 

Does It Work?  Phil and Hank agree:  absolutely!