Forearm Forklift

Published On: Jul 25 2007 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It's moving season.  If that means you're begging your friends to come help you load up your big appliances...don't.  At least that's what one commercial claims.  It's a product that's supposed to make moving the biggest item a breeze.  Does it work?

We took the 25 dollar straps to the crew at Herb Snow and Son's.  They load up dozens of washers, dryers and refrigerators each week.  When it comes to who makes the deliveries, one thing is always the same.  It's always the men.

That's where the Forearm Forklift comes in.  They're essentially a couple of nylon straps.  But, the makers claim they can make even the petite powerful. 

Terri and Cherise usually work behind the counter.  But not today.  Their first challenge...a 150 pound washing machine.  First...without the Forearm Forklift.

They were able to get it off the ground, but getting it around proved impossible. So, they try the same thing with the straps.

No problem.  They were able to lift it with ease, and walk around without any trouble.  The ladies tell us, it felt a little heavy, but there was no stress on their backs.

That brings us to our next challenge.  A nearly 300 pound refrigerator. was no match for these ladies. They were surprised to see they were able to lift it and carry it with ease.

So, Does it Work?  Our girls say...yes!