FF 12: Wedding announcement invites unwanted guests

Published On: Sep 26 2013 01:51:37 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 26 2013 06:33:55 PM CDT
FF 12:  Wedding announcement invites unwanted guests
(WICHITA, Kan.) -

A Wichita family says it was a wedding day to remember, but not for the right reason.

They contacted FactFinder 12 after two homes in the family were broken into while they were at a wedding.

“This is hell because you're all up because you’re at a wedding and then it crushes you,” says Jan Prieksat whose daughter got married last Saturday.

The family believes the thieves knew they’d be gone.

“I think somebody knew we were having a wedding and that they targeted our family. They knew we were going to be gone…they knew both parents would be out of their house for their daughter's wedding,” says Jan’s other daughter, Katie.

A simple announcement in the paper and Katie says and all a thief needs is a computer.

“It took me about a minute on Google to find both my parents' houses and the date of the wedding,” says Katie.|

The thieves kicked in the back door at both homes and stole purses, electronics, and other items.

“We want to warn other people. I don't want anyone to go through this,” says Jan.

It’s not only weddings.  The Prieksats have friends whose home was broken into while they were at a funeral.

“I think people need to be very cautious,” says Jan.

Police agree.  They have seen similar burglaries and say the best thing you can do is find someone you trust, like a neighbor, to watch your home while you’re away.  Police are investigating surveillance video of the suspects who used stolen credit cards from one of the homes the night of the burglaries.

In the Prieksat’s case most of their neighbors were at the wedding. They are now installing a security system.

Wedding announcement invites unwanted guests