Exergen Comfort Scanner

Published On: Mar 03 2010 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Kids don't like to sit still!

That's especially true at those times when you need them to---like taking their temperature. So the $30 Exergen Comfort Scanner says it can make that job easier. Take your child's temperature just by wiping a device across their forehead?  That's all the instructions say you have to do. 

We ask a nurse practitioner and a physician's assistant---who happen to be Moms---to try it our on their kids.

Pam  gives it a try on her three-year-old, Austin. Two tries and the readings are within a tenth of a degree of each other.  She's impressed.

But in the three tries on her two-year-old, Nathan, the outcome is a little different. The temperature spread is more than a degree and a half apart. She's used to that from the ear thermometer she uses, but had hoped the Comfort Scanner would be more accurate.

When Mai tries it out on her son, Tommy, he really likes getting his temperature taken. The readings are a little closer together: within a half a degree in three different tries. 

Does It Work?

They both say yes. 

Each of our Moms say it's not necessarily better than the popular ear thermometers on the market, but they think they're just as accurate.   And they say they're fairly comfortable with the temperature range.  It gives them an idea of whether their child is running a fever, though they both had hoped it would be more precise. 

We bought our device at Walgreens.  However, it's also sold at Walmart .