Published On: May 12 2010 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

Everything is gorgeous in Bob Neier's yard. 

Of course, he is the Sedgwick County Horticultural Agent, so he gets paid to have a green thumb.  But for the rest of us who don't know which plant goes where, he's willing to try out a gadget that promises to help.

EasyBloom may look like a stick flower, but it's really a sensor.  The company claims EasyBloom will measure temperature, sunlight, humidity and drainage data to find the perfect plant for that hard-to-grow spot in your yard.  The price:  $50.

The gadget has a hidden USB connector that plugs in your computer to connect to the company's website.  After that, snap the top and bottom parts together and it's ready to go.  Just put it in the spot in the ground that has you puzzled and leave it there for 24 hours. 

That's just what Bob does.  (Yes, he says even he has one of "those" areas in his yard!)

The next day, Bob pulls it out and plugs it into his computer. Up pops a list of plants the website says would be great for that area.  But those are just the initial suggestions.   Another click brings up all 3,023 plants it says would work there!

Bob is impressed!  But he loves the fact that he can narrow down that list by bloom color, season or even the type of plant you want.  And after going through the options, Bob says at least 85% of them would probably work.

But wait---there's more!

EasyBloom also says it will tell you when your plant needs to be watered.  Stick the "roots" of the device in the dirt and it's supposed to chirp if it's dry.  Bob tries it out and sure enough, it does exactly that.

Does It Work?

Bob says yes---and may go out to buy one! 

We ordered our EasyBloom through, but it's also sold through Home