Do It Yourself Virus Removal Kit: Does it Work?

Published On: Sep 26 2012 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

Cybertron's Bill Ramsey works with and on computers 24-7.  That's why we asked him to help us test the "Do It Yourself Virus Removal Kit."  But even this gigabyte genius was stunned when he loaded part of the kit in his computer."I thought it was going to be some software that I put into the system and it would clean the computer for us and it would get rid of the viruses and we would be great,” Bill said.So what is it?"It's just an instruction video.  That's all it is,” Bill said.The name does say "do it yourself."  And, the product's description says the kit "will quickly and easily take you step by step through the process of removing all your computer viruses."  For about 50-dollars, plus shipping and handling, we got a DVD and flash drive.  The flash drive should be used to back-up the data stored on your computer."It's two gigabytes.  And, if you have a lot of music or data, it's probably not going to fit on this,” Bill said.But are the instructions on the DVD of any value?"The instructions were similar to something we would do on a very low-end kind of viral contamination.  It's not that they were wrong… they're very painstaking.  The website says even your grandmother can do it.  And I guarantee you, my grandmother can't do this.  No way,” Bill said.”Bill says the instructions also don't talk about how to deal with a virus that automatically re-inserts itself.So, Does it Work?“If you had an extremely low-end virus and you had a little bit of computer knowledge, you could probably follow these and get your system back going.  But, I don't think it's going to do a complete removal.  And, I don't think it was a complete list of instructions,” Bill said.

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