Coverflex lids: Does It Work?

Published On: Jul 03 2013 07:46:31 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 03 2013 09:51:25 PM CDT
Coverflex lids: Does It Work?

The creative mind behind "Monica's Bundt Cake Company" is owner Susie Ellis.

"We make the best bundts you can imagine," Susie said.

But before her cakes get to the front of the store, a lot of time is spent in the back--the perfect place to test Silikomart's Coverflex lids.  The makers say these reusable covers can fit on several container sizes… made out of any material and stand-up to the heat in an oven or microwave.  We bought a set of three for 20-dollars.

With some help from her kitchen assistant, Susie stretches the biggest Coverflex lid over a 10-inch round pan.  She eventually gets the lid on the pan.

To test the tight fit, Susie adds cake batter and drops it on the floor.  The lids stays put.

We try the Coverflex lids on different container and pan sizes.  And, on a variety of material… tin, glass, and plastic.  The square pans give Susie the biggest challenge.  But she gets them to fit.

We add some heat to our test... using the microwave and the oven at 350-degrees.  The lids stay on in both appliances.

Still, Susie likes her plastic wrap that requires only one person for the job.

But does it work?

"It looks like it works for what it says that it does," Susie said.

The makers say the lids can also be used in the freezer and refrigerator.  They also say they are dishwasher safe.

Does it work coverflex lids