Callous Clear: Does It Work?

Published On: Aug 21 2013 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It was a commercial that caught the attention of Dawn Blue.

We found it on "Callous Clear's" website.  It says it's "the brand new miracle callous removing system that you can do right at home in just minutes."

"Just after the commercial started and I first saw them (starting) to peel the calluses off of somebody's feet and then they ran it again. And, I thought, oh my gosh, this could be perfect," Dawn said.

But she wanted us to try it first. We paid $16.99 for two "Callous Clear" treatments. That does not include shipping and handling.

Dawn's feet were ready for testing.

"I didn't get the start of the summer pedicure because I was preparing my feet for this," Dawn said.

With her clean calloused feet, Dawn put the softener gel on the foot patch.  Then, she stuck it on her heel.

"It's cool," Dawn said.

She did the same thing with the ball of her foot. And repeated the steps on her other foot. The instructions say to wait 10 minutes.

"I'm ready," Dawn said. "It says, 'Gently lift the foot patch off the foot.'"

Next, Dawn used the scraper to remove her calluses.

"Yeah. Not seeing anything coming off," Dawn said.

The only stuff coming off was the gel she put on earlier. So, she tried the other foot.

"This one does have more skin on it," Dawn said.

But not enough for Dawn to compare her experience to what she saw in the commercial.

"No it does not work," Dawn said.

Dawn also filed her feet and put on the lotion that came with the kit. However, she said that did not help her callouses like the commercial claimed.

When asked to reply with a comment, Callous Clear gave us the following statement: "Callous Clear is intended for continued use to achieve desired results.

"With each Callous Clear application, feet will gradually soften, making it easier for calluses to be removed and also preventing new calluses from forming. If the user has not previously taken any measures to temper his or her callused feet before trying the product, it is suggested that the user continually apply Callous Clear until feet are in an adequate state to yield the desired results."