Published On: Feb 25 2009 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Turn up the volume...on your hair? The trend in hairstyle: bigger is better, but are "Bumpits" the best? 

Bumpits are comb-like inserts that you put in the middle of your hair to give it what our testers called "poof" -- that smooth, raised section over the crown of your head.

We ordered a set for about $15 and got five pieces: two regular sized, one big "Hollywood" Bumpit and two smaller pieces for your bangs. Three college students were so excited to try them out, they drove from out of town on a school day to help us out.

The directions are simple: pull up a section of hair, put the "Bumpit" at the base of the roots, and pulled the hair over the top. 

After a little hairspray and adjustment, the girls were amazed. In five minutes, Bumpits gave them the look they usually have to work 30 minutes to achieve. Heather and Emily used smaller pieces and got a more natural look. Erika put in two Bumpits at once and got a dramatic "big look" she says would be great for a formal or prom.

And all three agreed. 

Does It Work? Yes! And according to Erika, when you're going to looks, you can't have too many bumps!