Best Netguard Remote

Published On: Nov 07 2007 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

by Kim Setty

One computer and a family of kids means taking turns---and getting off when Mom and Dad ask. 

Oh really?

"I have to ask them nearly five times to get them off the internet," complains Richard, a local father.  "The volume gets higher and patience is gone until it's finally 'Get off the internet now!' "

Parents take note:  This Does It Work product could give you back the power in that struggle.  Introducing the $40 Best Netguard.  It says you can push its remote anywhere in the house and it will instantly cut off the internet. 

Installation is easy:  Hook it up between the modem and your computer or router, and plug it in to an electrical outlet.

You have to push the remote to turn the internet on, but it's there on Richard's first try.  We bring the girls back to the computer and let them play.

That is, until Dad wants them off.  With the click of a button, he means business. 

I ask Abby, "Can you get on the internet now?" 

She frowns, "Apparently not!"

"Did Dad block you out?"

"Daddy!" she laughs. 

The device disconnnects the internet, although the page that's up when it cuts it off doesn't instantly go away.  You just can't go anywhere else.  Dad's impressed. 

"Getting them to get dressed and get ready for bed is another story, " he chuckles. "A button for that would be great, but at least it gets them off the internet. "

But Abby doesn't like it!

"Someone stop daddy's reign of terror!"

Does It Work?  

"To the bane of my children," smiles Richard, "but it does work."