Bed Head Curlipops: Does It Work?

Published On: Apr 10 2013 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

A lot of magic happens inside Planet Hair. Even though it's located in the heart of Old Town, stylists are known for their "out of this world" hair creations. 

We asked Katherine Landis, senior stylist, to test the latest styling trick. The hair wand promises to "leave your hair full of delectable texture" by wrapping a strand of hair around the heating element. The new tool is also supposed to be easier than a traditional curling iron, that can leave an indentation in hair.

But after testing the product, Katherine had a different concern.

"The number one thing is that people tend to burn themselves," Katherine said.

Erin Essman, KWCH assignment desk editor, trusted Katherine with her lovely locks. They tested the Bed Head Curlipops styling iron, a wand that sells for $19.99. The product comes with a "heat protective glove."

Katherine said the glove should be worn on the hand used to wrap the hair.She started to wrap Erin's hair, starting at the smaller end and moving down."You just take it and wrap it, until you really can't hold [the] hair very well," Katherine said.

The Bed Head Curlipops styling iron did not have a temperature setting. Katherine said hair should only be left in the wand for a few seconds.

Erin then tested the wand by herself. She said the glove got in the way, and caused static flyaways.She took the glove off, and carefully curled each strand for a few seconds."Four to six seconds a strand," Erin said. "If you leave it on for 20 seconds, you're asking to get burned."Katherine put on the finishing touches."What I typically do is run my fingers through it or I take a wide-tooth comb, to give it more of the softened wave to it," Katherine said.They did more than just "wave the wand," but both ladies liked the results.Does it work?"Yeah. Absolutely," Erin said.

Does it work