Batter Blaster

Published On: Nov 04 2009 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Never fix pancakes on a busy morning because of the mess and time?  How about pancakes in a spray can?

Yes, a spray can.

Batter Blaster is pancake batter packaged into a can---think RediWhip!  Squirt the batter into a skillet and you can fix as many or as few pancakes as you want--all with the push of the button.  Each can is supposed to make 28 organic pancakes.

We get two gals to put it to the "Mom Test."  Gayle and Julie put the first batch on a skillet on the stove top.  The pancakes spread, so they get bigger than you think they will.  They also cook faster than normal pancakes.

But that doesn't mean they taste bad.  Both gals say they're lighter than normal pancakes and they call the batter "foamy."  However, both say they taste all right.

However, we only get 20 pancakes from the $5 can, when it says it's supposed to make 28. 

Next up, they try cooking a batch in an electric skillet (that's the way both make them at home).  The batter still cooks faster than usual and the pancakes are  a little harder to flip because they're so light.  But they work better than on the stove top. 

Does It Work?

In  the end, it's a  split decision.  Gayle says they tear too much when you flip them and they cook too fast.  But she agrees, they taste okay. 

Julie loves Batter Blaster.  She says the kids would think it's fun and thinks the pancakes taste just fine! 

We bought our can from a local Target Grocery Store Section.  You'll find it in the refrigerated section, near the egg substitute.