Published On: Feb 23 2010 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Are you not exactly the "handy-type" around the house?

If so, how about a new kind of hammer to do the work for you?  The $59 Ryobi Auto Hammer claims to hammer in nearly every kind of common nail --- up to three-and-a-half inches long---with the pull of a trigger.  It does the pounding for you, with up to 3600 beats per minute.

AEG Handyman Larry Keyser was so much fun testing out the Looj Gutter Cleaner last year that we pull him back into duty for the Auto Hammer test. 

Round one:  hammering nails into an electrical box in a very tight spot.  It takes the Auto Hammer four seconds to get one nail in.   When Larry uses a regular hammer it takes at least twice as long.   Auto Hammer: 1,  Regular Hammer: 0.

But when Larry tires to put a long nail into some old wood it's a different story.  The Auto Hammer only gets in it part of the way.  It takes old-fashioned pounding with the "manual hammer" to get  to finish the job. 

And even though it's advertised for light-duty projects (like hanging pictures), Larry and his daughter say the hammer can be more than you need and awkward to work with.   They both managed to smash hangers flat against the wall.  Each wants a small hammer back for that job.


Does It Work?

Larry says yes, if you think don't think big OR small.

The Auto Hammer made quick work of middle-of-the-road projects like putting up molding.  It also did very well on jobs in tight places such as nailing in duct work on a heater vent.  Think of jobs where you may do damage if you swing a hammer.

 But Larry says you're not going to frame a house with it.

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