Aqua Globes

Published On: Jun 24 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

Wish you could know what your plants need?  Our Does It Work product promises to let you read their minds---or at least their roots.

Aqua Globes promise they will water your plants when they need it, and won't when they don't.  The glass bulbs are supposed to release water into the soil as it gets dry--but only then. And it's supposed to last up to two weeks.

Lisa Borlace-Gehrer has more than a dozen plants and volunteers to put hers on the line.  We start the test with a dry orchid, a rain-soaked gardenia and a middle-of-the-road philodendron.

Lisa puts an Aqua Globe in each one and promises to let us know what happens.

A week later and she has some surprising results.

The water never came out of the globes in the gardenia and philodendron.   One peek at the bottom of the glass and Lisa found out why.  She put them in as the instructions said---by making a hole first and placing in the Aqua Globe in that. 

But dirt managed to plug up both of the stems and that kept them from releasing water to the dry plants.  No warning in the directions about that.  

When she unplugged the glass and put the globes back in, the water bubbled out without a problem.

On the opposite side of the issue, the orchid drained the bulb in one day.   

Does It Work?  Lisa says yes and no.  She is convinced that the Aqua Globes might work while she's gone on vacation---if she soaks the plants ahead of time.   However, she calls globes a "maintenance product" instead a substitute for her watering.  And she says if she was going to be gone for the full two weeks, she'd be worried. 

You can buy the Aqua Globes at Walgreens and Bed Bath and Beyond.